Tiffany Ong, Structure Advisor

tiffany3Today’s Exec Profile highlights Structure Advisor Tiffany Ong who interned at Foodie magazine in Hong Kong!.

Culinarian: Gotta get the basics out of the way, major and year?

Tiffany: Sophomore in Biomedical Engineering!

C: If you could be one food, what would you be?

T: I would love to be a piece of chocolate. I can be versatile and combine with Flour, Eggs, and Sugar to make Brownies. I can mix with Milk and Cream, then freeze up and become Ice Cream. Or I can just be me, and be a simple bar of chocolate. But really, I just want to be the one to cheer you up after a long day, or make kids do their homework quickly in order to have me as their treat, because seriously, who wouldn’t smile when they see a piece of chocolate?

C: What’s your favorite food-related memory?

T: The best food memory was when I was a kid and didn’t think or care about food etiquette. I would mix fried rice and pasta together in my plate because I wanted to have them both at once. Thinking back, I realize just how weird it was; but the young-me refuses to admit it for she enjoyed that a little too much.

C: All of us love watching food on television.  What’s one of your favorite shows?

T: My current favorite is “How to Cook like Heston.” Every episode, he picks an ingredient (egg, beef, chicken, chocolate) and gives his take and spin on how to cook it. He’s like a scientist in the kitchen. He would take liquid nitrogen, spray guns or syringes, and make all kinds of dishes you can imagine. I mean, who else could come up with egg and bacon ice cream, or popping candy in chocolate cake?

C: Tell us about one of your foodie habits that you just can’t break.

T: I love sauce and would add an excessive amount to my food. Whether it be Bolognese sauce for my pasta, or gravy for my mash potatoes, or the sweet and sour dip for spring rolls; I am telling you, I can finish it. Honestly, I think that sauces are great additions and gives unique flavors together with the food!

Got questions for Tiffany?  What’s your foodie habit?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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