Rebecca Pottash, Secretary

becky3Today’s Exec Profile highlights secretary Rebecca Pottash and the moment she found heaven in Williamsburg.

Culinarian: Gotta get the basics out of the way: major and year?

Rebecca: I’m a sophomore double-majoring in Sociology and American Studies!

C: What’s your favorite spot in the city?

R: I think I saw heaven the day I went to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. An outdoor food market set up by the river in only in the spring and summer, Smorgasburg is filled with vendors of all varieties. One vendor specialized in s’mores (which they fired-to-order with a blow torch), one offered an array of bite-sized cheesecakes, and one specialized in delicious grilled cheeses. The scent from the pigs in a blanket reached down the street, and I found New York’s only fresh tempeh vendor. I love to be overwhelmed by deliciously unique choices and flooded with aromas of various cuisines, and that is exactly what Smorgasburg delivers.

C: What made you decide to join the magazine?

R: For one thing, I love both writing and food. Culinarian combines these perfectly. I also hope to go into publishing and loved the idea of getting experience at a new and exciting student publication. Plus, my NYC bucket list consists almost entirely of food, and I am constantly on the look-out for new eateries to add to the list. I want to be a part of making a resource for other students to experience food in this city, and also learn some new things myself.

C: So what’s your favorite dining place on campus?

R: The Diana Cafe is incredibly overwhelming, but generally worth it. Their salad bar and drink selection are unrivaled as far as campus eateries go. When the cheese is melted just right all around your perfectly crusty pizza, and you finally manage to find an empty table, you’ve got the perfect lunch break.

C: Lastly, if you were a food, what would you want to be?

R: A chocolate chip cookie, because who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie?

Got questions for Rebecca?  Love the mod furniture in the Diana Cafe?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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