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Hungry Wednesday


Hungry Wednesday:

What our writers would rather be eating

Online Issue | Fall 2013

It’s Wednesday.  The middle of the week.  Last weekend seems just beyond reach, yet next weekend ahead is still too far away.  We understand.  And that’s why we’re running “Hungry Wednesday” for the duration of the Homecoming Issue: to give you fuel for the rest of your week.

Each Wednesday, we’ll be delivering a Culinarian compilation of what different flavors mean to different people, with some visual sustenance from our photographer of the week.  This week, with photos from Amelia Edwards, we’ve put our Online Issue writers in the spotlight and asked them what they’d rather be eating…

“My favorite place to eat is this little edge-of-the-highway bakery and brunch place called The Swedish Bakery in Harbert, Michigan which hauls in a crowd Thursday through Monday. From grandfathers escorting numerous giggling grandchildren to tight-suited bikers riding along the lakeshore to locals in their slippers… What draws them in is the food. Pastries, Danishes, coffee cakes, these little jam-filled cookies called kolachkis: there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. Pink sprinkled donuts for the young and imaginative, and rich, gooey strudel for the more dignified tastes. More than once I’ve had to ask other faithful patrons to help me carry all my goodies to the car, after picking up the Sunday-morning armful for the folks back home at the cabin.”

— Grace Jamieson

“I love dumplings; I grew up eating them all the time, freshly made by my grandmother on Friday nights, or the soup dumplings we drove into Queens for, even after we moved to Boston. So much goodness and comfort in such a little package. I’m into ‘full packages’ like that.”

— Andrea Zhu


“I am gluten and lactose intolerant but I’m also a big dessert person, especially ice cream or cupcakes, so experimenting and finding versions of those I can eat is my favorite thing to do.”

— Rachel Wangler

“There’s something about a toasty bag full of salty sweet kettle corn that I can’t get enough of. Each bite presents something different, some saltier, others crunchy and caramelized. No utensils, no napkins, no plates, just a little snack to enjoy walking through a street fair or festival.”

— Jordan Brewington

“I particularly love breakfast and brunch foods: Metro Diner has become one of my favorites due its very “New York” diner feel.”

— Eva Gelernt

From next Wednesday, we’re looking for your input!  If you have five minutes to spare, get your say and fill out our short Hungry Wednesday survey:

And if you’re a budding food photographer, don’t hesitate to send in some photos to for the chance to be featured.


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