Jenny Xu, Recruitment Chief

jenny1Today’s Exec Profile highlights our Recruitment Chief and Campus Editor Jenny Xu who answers a variety of questions and shares her love about local grocery Samad’s Gourmet.

Culinarian: Gotta get the basics out of the way, major and year?

Jenny: I’m a sophomore double majoring in English and Creative Writing, and possibly linguistics if I have time.

C: What’s your go to favorite food?

J: It’s a toss up between dark chocolate peanut butter cups and barbecue ribs. Oh my gosh I almost forgot, but I’m also obsessed with Chinese buns. I eat so many of those every time I go to Chinatown.

C: Delicious.  Culinarian loves Chinatown, fact.  What about actually being one food?

J: A baked doughnut from Baked by Butterfield. I like to pretend that I’m healthy-ish, but I usually just find myself covered in sprinkles and frosting.

C: Oh yeah, if you’re going to be a doughnut, go big or go home.  Favorite campus eatery?

J: Does Samad’s Gourmet count as on campus? I’m absolutely obsessed with Samad’s. I swear, they can do no wrong. How can anyone walk by without picking a muffin or seven from the baskets in the window? (I mean, I guess the fact that they’re on 112th might be a bit of a turn-off for most.) They also have amazing home-made hummus and babaganoush, and their soup is ridiculously scrumptious. To top it all off, the kindest and most charming people work there. I walked in as they were closing one time, and they kept the shop open as I wavered over chicken noodle and lentil soup for a good fifteen minutes, and waved me out with a smile and extra napkins. Did I mention that everything is under five bucks?

C: Samad’s is my (-cough- Amanda’s) my favorite breakfast place.  They’re so nice there, too.  Do you have a favorite foodie memory?

J: Discovering that Red Velvet doughnut ice cream sandwiches exist. At Peter Pan Bakery. (I went on a city-wide doughnut kick last summer as well.)

C: You and those doughnuts.  I know what to get you for your birthday.  What would you make Barack Obama if he came over for dinner?

J: Scrambled eggs and fried rice. They’re the only two things I really know how to cook. I’m more of a baker.

C: It’s okay.  I’m literally only good at making pasta and grilled cheese.  Do you have a weird foodie habit?

J: I can’t stand milk chocolate. I’m a chocolate snob.

C: I know that feel.  You’ll have to share your more of your thoughts about the evils of milk chocolate in the magazine!  (Or we can dish and eat dark chocolate exclusively.)

Got questions for Jenny?  Want to defend milk chocolate?  Say it in the comments!


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