80 = ♥

The deadline for applications to the first Columbia food magazine was on March 20, and we received over 80 applications for Culinarian!  Ridiculously excited and highly caffeinated, the eight Executive Board members spent spring break reading applications, Skyping to discuss candidates, and created an endless array of Google docs and flowcharts to accurately convey their ideas to each other.  This spring break, Executive Board members kept in touch over four countries, three continents, and six states (trying to make it all add up?  Tip: people traveled).

All applications have now been read, and the Exec Board is now preparing the finalized list of staff members, finishing the online office (a system that allows staff members to keep in touch, generate new ideas over discussion boards, and submit material through private messages), and establishing the pitch list for the exciting first issue.  Applicants can expect to hear back on this Wednesday, March 27.

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