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Our Yearbook: “Keep in Touch” During Summer 2013

A letter from the Cofounders of Culinarian

It’s hard for us to decide exactly which season we like best. Central Park never looks so beautiful as when its carries the rich fall colors of brown, amber, and yellow. While we could do without the terrible wind tunnel that appears on Broadway in the cold winter months, Manhattan does gain a magical glow under a fresh layer of snow (especially when there’s a cup of hot cider involved). In spring, the city feels fresh with the gradual shedding of heavy wool coats and the blooming of spring flowers. There’s nothing that beats summer, though—studying for finals is over, internship and travel plans materialize, the air feels warm, and we suddenly find ourselves with the time to do the things we love most.

Here at Culinarian, that means something to do with food, so what better way to start this time of the year than with the release of our inaugural Summer Issue? We’ll be publishing an article every week about our summer travels and food experiences, and there is plenty to look forward to.  Christin Zurbach, majoring in Middle Eastern Studies, will share a variety of dishes and culture from her summer in Istanbul.  We’ve also got Amelia Moulis backpacking throughout Central America reporting on the popular street-food culture there. Don’t miss Rebecca Walden’s coverage of Israeli culture through the lens of its famous hummus and falafel. We’re even traveling to China, Malaysia, Turkey, and Denmark. We finally bring it all home with some special reports from Boston, California, Vermont, and our familiar New York City.

Remember the last week of every year of high school when you’d pick up your yearbook and then scramble to have all your friends sign it? During those weeks we’d always feel the excitement of summer right around the corner, but also the nostalgia for the school year suddenly coming to a close. We’re feeling similarly at Culinarian, so we’re excited to present our Summer Issue as a compilation of yearbook messages to you to Keep in Touch over the summer. And we promise there won’t be anything as cliché as the classic, “you’re such a sweet person, don’t ever change” messages that we all received in high school.

By following us on Facebook, checking out our website, or getting updates directly from staff members, you’ve followed our production process of writing and editing articles, styling and photographing food, designing layouts, and more. Thank you so much for your support and praise. It means a lot to us, and we are infinitely grateful for it.

We hope you enjoy the first release of our Summer Issue.

Have a wonderfully delicious summer,

Manon Cooper & Amanda Tien

Online EIC,  Creative Director/Webmaster

Culinarian Cofounders


Click here to view all posts that are part of the Summer 2013 issue.  Click here to see the breakdown of Volume 1 (and when the next issues will be released).  Click here to see the masthead for the magazine (scroll down to the bottom — you’ll even find the dates for every writer!).

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