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“The Passport Issue” is live!



Hi Culinarians!

I am proud to announce the release of “The Passport Issue!” (Click on the image above, or click here to read–the browser is responsive to touch, so you can zoom in and flip pages, just like a hard copy.) With an international focus, this issue of the publication explores the world through food. We bring some tastes to your kitchen (like a recipe for traditional Polish pierogi), give you some local places to try (like an Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn), and take you beyond New York (such as an article from our very own Aussie and former online editor, Amelia Moulis). Our cover feature explores the international cultures of cheese (pun intended) through an interview with an expert from the famous Murray’s Cheese. But that’s just the beginning–we also feature our usual range of cheeky intellectualism, humorous anecdotes, gorgeous photography, and incredible original artwork along with extensive design work. It’s been a joy to work with the staff on this publication, and while it may be April, it’s been a long cold winter–so please enjoy the Winter 2013-2014 issue of Culinarian!

Issue 3, fingers crossed, will be released in late April/early May! Also, put April 27 on your calendars–we’ll be having a potluck themed celebration and co-hosting with some great multicultural groups here on campus.



Amanda Tien

Editor in Chief


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