Food / Summer 2014 (Vol. 2)

Where to eat while you still have time


From top, clockwise: Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Almondine croissant, Taim Falafel, Mighty Quinn’s brisket sandwich at Smorgasburg.

The start of the year, when the muggy city summer still clings to the first few weeks of September, is the perfect time to get out into the city.

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Whether you’re new (Welcome!) or returning, here are some places that you should get to while you don’t have too many obligations. Bookmark this list, click for directions, grab your metro card, and leave that Milano sandwich for later!

corner 28

Corner 28 Duck Bun

Flushing and the Bronx, 50 minutes-1 hour:

Inhale (carefully) succulent soup dumplings at Nan Xiang Dumpling House. (38-12 Prince St, Flushing)

Stroll down main street with a dollar Peking duck bun from Corner 28 in each hand (40-28 Main St, Flushing)

Sample a cornucopia of Indian food at the Hindu Temple Society Canteen. (45-57 Bowne St, Flushing)

Buy a box of fresh ravioli for later from Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles. (632 E 187th St, Bronx)

Taste warm handmade mozzarella at Casa Della Mozzarella. (604 East 187th Street Arthur Ave, Bronx)

Try to spot Mario Batali’s crocs while digging into pasta and Burrata at Roberto’s. (603 Crescent Ave, Bronx)


Peter Pan Red Velvet Doughnut ice cream sandwich

Brooklyn, 40-55 minutes:

Reserve a few extra hours: watching Domenico painstakingly cut basil onto the perfect pizzas behind the counter is part of the experience at Di Fara. (1424 Avenue J, Midwood)

Sit back and enjoy the comfort of borscht and pierogies at Lomzynianka (646 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint)

Pick up heart stopping doughnut ice cream sandwiches at Peter Pan, walk it off. (727 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint)

The ultimate comfort food, ice cream, gets reimagined with all your other favorites (Oatmeal cream pie! Gooey butter cake! Crack Caramel!) at Ample Hills Creamery. (623 Vanderbilt Ave, Prospect Heights)

You have to get down to Smorgasburg either in Williamsburg on Saturday or in the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sunday. (90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St, Williamsburg; 320 Furman Street, Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Walk across the bridge, check out the carousel, and then grab an eclair at Almondine. (85 Water St, Dumbo)


Gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Lower East Side and Chinatown, 30-40 minutes:

Try them fresh fried or grab a sack of frozen dumplings to go at prices your wallet will thank you for later at Prosperity Dumplings. (46 Eldridge St, Chinatown)

Enjoy salty-sweet egg yolk buns and brown-sugar roasted baked pork buns at Mei Li Wah. (64 Bayard St, Chinatown.)

Make sure you know the rules (No parties of 4+, cameras out of sight, etc.) before tucking into mac ‘n cheese pancakes at Shopsin’s. (120 Essex St, LES)

A street up, all your childhood memories, retro candy bars your dad would shed a tear over, and hard to find international chocolates at Economy Candy. (108 Rivington St, LES)

There is no better lox and and smoked salmon in the city; with a bagel and cream cheese at Russ and Daughters’, it’s the perfect breakfast prior to wandering around the other side of Manhattan. (179 E Houston St, LES)

There’s a lot of fuss over the pastrami at Katz’s, but it’s completely warranted. If you need sugar afterwards, Il Laboratorio del Gelato is a minute away. (205 Houston St, LES; 188 Ludlow St, LES)

Photocred: Minh Tam Nguyen

Sweets at Dominque Ansel (Photocred: Minh Tam Nguyen)

Soho, 30-35 minutes:

Dominique’s staples–the DKA, Paris-New York, frozen s’mores–that you don’t have to get up at dawn for are worth the trek even if you can’t stand the word Cronut™. (189 Spring St, Soho)

This is one of those places you never knew you’ve always wanted unless you’re a rice pudding fiend: the classic gets an upgrade with flavors ranging from Rocky Road to coconut at Rice to Riches. (37 Spring St, Soho)

If you happen to be around on a Monday night after 9pm, Osteria Morini has the heartiest pasta $10 can get you, in addition to transcendental gelato. (218 Lafayette St, Soho)

Of course you have to get brunch in Soho and then hashtag #rosewaterwaffle on any and all pictures taken at Jack’s Wife Freda. (224 Lafayette St, Soho)

After throwing your money at the MOMA store, head to Lahore Deli for a six dollar lunch plate and fantastic samosas(132 Crosby St, Soho)

This is old school NYC French cuisine at its finest. Of course, a sticky bun from the bakery can be just as satisfying. (80 Spring St, Soho)

photo 2

The Gorgon at Otto’s Tacos

East Village, 30 minutes; West Village, 25 minutes:

Have you had green tea lava cake? No? Then Spot Dessert bar is a must. (13 St Marks Pl, East Village)

Buy a loaf of the finest chocolate babka in the city at Breads Bakery and eat it all on the way to Union Square. (18 E 16th St, East Village)

Pop in when it’s not too crowded and the guys will make you a deep fried taco. Ask for the Gorgon (and maybe a Doctor’s note beforehand) at Otto’s Tacos. (141 2nd Ave, East Village)

The ramen is phenomenal, but so are the pork buns, ribs, and Green Tea Creme Brûlée at Ippudo. (65 4th Ave, East Village)

Start with cheese curds, followed by grilled cheese, end with a cheese plate, perish from joy, and walk next door to Murray Cheese Bar’s cheese heaven for a wedge of artisan cheese to eat after reincarnation. (264 Bleecker Street, shop at 254 Bleecker Street, West Village)

The falafel is pure chickpea magic and the banana date smoothie might as well be a love potion. Oh, and Taim also has a food truck(222 Waverly Pl, West Village)

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