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When the farms come to the city: Columbia Greenmarket


Columbia Greenmarket Review


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we are always on the lookout for a touch of comfort that you can bring home or to your dorm room. With its proximity to Columbia University, the Greenmarket is the perfect place to visit for any student or resident of the Upper Westside. 

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The concrete jungle of Manhattan can sometimes feel confining. While it can be difficult to find time to head into the fresh air of nature, the Columbia Greenmarket provides you a journey out to the countryside every Thursday and Friday. Long before students walk out into daylight, the stretch of Broadway in front of Columbia University transforms from a simple sidewalk to a farmers’ market where students, professors, and families alike amble through, slowly immersing themselves amongst fresh produce and baked goods.


On the corner of 111th and Broadway, Samascott Orchards from Kinderhook, NY is a stand that you must not miss if you are an apple lover. Samascott Orchards has the widest selection–from MaCoun, Fuji, and Gala to Jersey Mac and McIntosh–perfect for everything from a midday snack between classes to baking an apple pastry.

Right by the cash register sits containers of delicious apple cider sitting chilled, ready to be opened and enjoyed. Along with classic apple cider, they also create a specially flavored strawberry apple cider. On especially chilly Sunday mornings, they also have a steaming vat of hot apple cider so you can grab a cup on your way to the library.

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If you need the comfort of baked goods, head up the block to Meredith’s Bread from Kingston, NY. Meredith’s Bread offers a plethora of homemade baked goods including loaves of banana and zucchini bread. The zucchini bread has the perfect ratio of shredded zucchini and the banana bread stays moist for days.

They have shelves holding apple, pumpkin, and cherry pie and for those who are allergic to gluten, Meredith’s Bread does not fail to provide safe, delicious treats. (Or rewards for doing well on your exam.)



Lani’s Farm from Bordentown, NJ is also at the Columbia Greenmarket, offering every type of bean one could possibly desire, a perfect selection for vegetarians looking to enhance their meals. They bring overflowing baskets of cranberry beans, cowpeas, romano beans, wax beans, and string beans. These beautiful beans are available for you to create a mixed bag to last all week.

In addition, Lani’s has a wide variety of lettuces, spinaches, squashes and fresh, hormone and cage-free eggs. Due to their popularity, make sure to arrive at the Greenmarket early if you hope to get their fresh produce before they sell out.


This week, bring some of your grocery budget to the Columbia Greenmarket and experience the wonderful sustainable options that are available right outside your door.

 The Columbia Greenmarket is located on Broadway between 111th street and 116th street on Sundays and Thursdays. 

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