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Why aren’t we eating five meals a day?

Breakfast was nonexistent until the 17th century. The Romans only ate one extravagant meal a day, lounging and splurging on grapes and wine. In the late 1700s, breakfast consisting mainly of eggs, coffee, and tea emerged as a symbol of the wealthy.

When the Industrial Revolution implemented fixed working hours, laborers were forced to eat an energy packed meal before going into work. Eventually, people of all classes began eating a meal before their workdays to fuel themselves throughout the morning, giving rise to what we now know as breakfast. Continue reading

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When the farms come to the city: Columbia Greenmarket

Columbia Greenmarket Review ARTICLE AND PHOTOS BY AMELIA EDWARDS | FALL ISSUE 2014 With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we are always on the lookout for a touch of comfort that you can bring home or to your dorm room. With its proximity to Columbia University, the Greenmarket is the perfect place to visit for any … Continue reading