Food as Art

A Scandinavian Bakery on the Upper East Side

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A Photo Tour of Bröd Kitchen


Our writer and photographer spend an afternoon at a hip new bakery and report back. Keep reading for a visual feast of tarts and florentines, and to find out what a ‘smorrebrod’ is!

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Located on the Upper East Side on the corner of 63rd Street and 2nd Avenue is a hip new bakery called Bröd Kitchen. Upon walking in, you’re greeted by a bright display case full of delectable desserts and open-faced sandwiches, and an inviting, nicely-lit seating area.



Bröd specializes in the Danish open-faced sandwich, called smorrebrod. The smoked salmon smorrebrod is a popular choice, featuring thin slices of salmon topped with an equally thin slice of lemon.

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Another bakery favorite is the tomato and basil smorrebrod, on which cherry tomatoes drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette top their artisanal bread.


Bröd also offers a wide range of sweet treats including a crispy and creamy apple custard cake, a chocolate tartelette with raspberry filling, and a chocolate, raspberry, and pistachio tartelette.

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Florentines are interspersed with chunks of lemon, chocolate-coated nuts, and berries.

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A parting shot of fruit custard tarts.

Bröd Kitchen is located on 1201 2nd Avenue. For more information,, or call (212) 600-5202.

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