Food as Art / Magazine Issues

Food as Art & Culture Issue is now live!

This is much of our board’s last issue of the Culinarian–mine and Jenny included–as we get ready to graduate, so it’s only fitting that it’s (in my opinion) our best issue yet. In the Art & Culture issue, you’ll find:

  1. a more sophisticated version of Green Eggs and Ham, plus other meals inspired by our favorite books;
  2. a look into the role food plays in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black;
  3. CRONUTS. What does our obsession with the croissant and donut’s lovechild say about us?;
  4. an analysis of Columbia’s Kara Walker’s black mammy sculpture, composed entirely out of sugar;
  5. movies guaranteed to make your mouth water, recommended to us by Columbia film professors;
  6. interviews with New York’s most esteemed chefs on plating, food writers on blogging, and food truck owners on operating a food truck in New York versus other cities; and
  7. Roaree masquerading as the Gryffindor lion;

among other great recipes, reviews, and features, and gorgeous photographs, artwork, and design.

I’m very proud of what the board and the rest of the Culinarian staff–writers, editors, photographers, artists, bloggers, and business, PR, and events teams–have accomplished this year. Please enjoy the products of our hard work, and be sure to check out more fantastic content on our blog and to get involved/keep reading next year! I can’t wait to see what Culinarian’s new staff, led by Quincy DeYoung (EIC), Danielle Deiseroth (ME), Brandon Chin (Photo), Joanne Raptis (Art), Monica Chen (Business), Eliza Solomon (Business), Arianna Winchester (PR), and Megan Wilcots (Events), come up with next.



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